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How I make my Custom Manufactured Aquacultured Live Rock


First a little history on REAL LIVE ROCK.  At one time there was no problem getting REAL LIVE ROCK

But as the Hobby has grown The LIVE ROCK as we know it ,Has been Slowly and Slowly been doing a Disappearing act from the ocean floor , And is starting to be harder and harder to get.

A lot of Companies in the us are doing there part to grow there own Live Rock

By Harvesting Florida Oolite Coral Stone from rock Quarries inland, Then they take that rock and deposit it 13~15 miles of shore in 30ft of water for many years and let it grow (10~15 years) , After this time it has become Live Rock. Some of that Live Rock is now 15~20 years old. Most of this is done in the Gulf Of Mexico, Of the coast of Florida.

What I use to make my Live Rock

1) CaribSea Florida Crushed Coral Substrate

2) CaribSea Aragonite Sand

3) White Portland Cement

4) Distilled Water

After I make My live Rock, It goes into a bath of Freshwater & Vinegar to leach out the lye in the rock, Changing the water several times.

Then it goes back into a Freshwater Bath for 4 week or more till the PH is Stabilized, Next I will put the rock into a Large Saltwater Tank (250gl) with Real Live Rock for 6 to 8 Months to let all the live critters attach them selves to the new rock.

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  Soaking in Water

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